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Advice and services

As institutions have different structures, there are various departments that can be responsible for international students.

  • Information about admissions, enrolment and other formalities
    In most cases, either the international office (AAA) or the student registration office is the contact for international students and applicants.
  • General information and assistance on study issues is provided by the central student advice service. At many institutions, the central student advice service will also provide information on medical facilities and assistance with study problems such as learning difficulties, fear of public speaking and the like. Many institutions are currently developing information and support services tailored to their international students. We will outline these in INOBIS in the future.
  • Subject advice is available directly from the departments in the institutions. They can provide specific information about the content of the subject of study and the corresponding course and examination rules.
  • Legal issues, BAföG, social advice, car share schemes, study place exchange options, international student cards, loans, information events for new students and a magazine: At most institutions, the ASTA (Students' Union Executive Committee) provides specific advice and services for students.
  • Support for international students arriving at the beginning of the semester and a wide range of information and communications are provided by the German Students' Union at 61 institutions.
  • Psychological advice for students is provided by the German Students' Union and through the central student advice service at many institutions.
    In case of personal, relationship and study problems such as interruption of work, study conflicts, examination concerns and for problems of self-esteem, isolation, sexual problems and psychosomatic difficulties, qualified psychologists are available for those requiring advice.
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