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  • International students can apply for the BAföG:
    • If at least one parent or their spouse is a German national and is permanently resident in Germany,
    • If they have a permanent residence in Germany themselves,
    • If they have recognised refugee status or are entitled to asylum.
  • Half of the BAföG is a grant that does not have to be repaid, the other half is an interest-free loan that has to be repaid after graduation.
  • You must meet the following additional requirements:
    • You must be under 30 years of age,
    • Your course must be eligible for BAföG support (this is the case for all subjects at state institutions),
    • You complete the first course eligible for support,
    • You have a low income or assets (i.e. no significant shareholdings, building society savings or similar),
    • Your monthly income may not be more than 350 EUR (around 4,200 EUR per year),
    • Your parents' income may only slightly exceed a certain allowance (based on the number of children).
  • Further information about the BAföG can be found at:
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