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Course duration

The standard study time

is the total number of study semesters after which students should have completed their course according to the applicable examination rules. Bachelor degree courses normally last for six semesters, in some cases up to eight semesters.
In each study semester the student must complete a particular number of weekly study hours (WSS).

The minimum study time

specifies how many semesters a student must have completed before being eligible to take the final examination. For Diplom and state examination courses this is normally eight semesters. Diplom degree courses at universities of applied sciences take six to seven semesters (plus placement), while at music and art colleges it is eight semesters.
The minimum study time can be reduced at the request of the student if he or she enters a higher study semester when enrolling due to previous completed study.

The actual study period

is based on the statistical average figures for study semesters actually completed for each course. This figure is generally higher than the standard study time. However, it differs greatly depending on the institution and the subject.

The maximum study period

only applies to subjects for which the examination rules set out fixed periods to take the intermediate or final examination. Anyone who exceeds the maximum study period can expect to have to leave the institution. This mainly affects courses at universities of applied sciences. At universities, it primarily affects individual scientific, medical and engineering subjects.

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