Applying Studying Institutions Living


  • Before applying for a course you must (most important listed):
    • Photocopy your foreign certificates (Never submit originals!)
    • Have the photocopies authenticated
    • Have the certificates translated
    • Take photocopies of the translations and have these copies authenticated
    • Have the documents/translations legalised or obtain an Apostille endorsement (for certain institutions only)
    • Apply for a student visa
  • After arrival in Germany, there are more formalities. You must (most important listed):
    • Arrange health insurance
    • Open a bank account
    • Enrol with the institution
    • Register your place of residence
    • Take your visa to the local immigration authorities and apply for a residence permit.
  • TIP:
    The Foreign Office website answers various questions about "document formalities" under "Certifying documents".
  • Detailed information can be found under International public certificates for use in Germany.
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