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Health insurance

  • In Germany, it is a legal requirement that students and those applying to study must have health insurance. Therefore, you should arrange health insurance for the duration of your time studying in Germany as soon as possible after your arrival.
  • In Germany, there is a difference between statutory (or public) and private health insurance. Statutory and private health insurance for students in Germany can differ significantly in terms of the costs and, above all, in the services provided. In some cases, however, only private health insurance is possible.
  • Regular students in Germany are obliged to have statutory health insurance. This means that the statutory health insurance scheme must accept every new student at the time when they enrol in a German higher education institution. You must produce proof of health insurance when enrolling at a German institution.
  • EU citizens and citizens of certain contracting states are entitled to exemption from the student health insurance obligation if certain conditions are met.
  • People attending language courses or a preparatory course are not entitled to statutory health insurance; they must arrange private health insurance for the duration of their language course.
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