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Information and cultural centres

  • The Goethe Institute is Germany's leading worldwide cultural institute. With its network of Goethe Institutes, Goethe Centres, cultural societies, reading rooms, examination and language learning centres, the Goethe Institute has played a central role in international cultural and educational policy worldwide for more than fifty years. The work of the Goethe Institute is closely co-ordinated with other international cultural and educational policy organisations. The Goethe Institute website is available in English and German.
  • The culture webpage of the Goethe Institute provides information in German and English on the arts, education and science, philosophy, religion and contemporary history.
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) promotes international relationships with German institutions through the exchange of students and academics and involvement in international programmes and projects. It maintains a worldwide network of offices and information centres. The DAAD homepage provides information in 26 languages on study and support opportunities in Germany and the organisation also awards scholarships to international students, graduates and academics.
  • The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) offers a Germany network that provides a directory of German diplomatic, cultural and political (including trade and development) agencies and scientific research facilities in other countries. It is available in four languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese).
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