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Institution services

Catholic student society/Protestant student society

The Catholic student society (KHG) and the Protestant student society (ESG) are organised by the churches at German universities. They often have their own rooms and chaplains and are open to all students. The societies provide religious services, get involved in social projects, set up working groups and organise events on various current themes (e.g. environmental protection, justice, peace etc.) and for religious education. They organise themed evenings and are a meeting point for various groups.
Both the ESG and the KHG publish a programme in printed or electronic form at the beginning of each semester.

Child care

Students with children, particularly female students, often have a problem: What do they do with their child when they have to attend a course? The answer to this question is: Crèches, which are available at many institutions. Here, experienced carers look after the children while their parents are attending seminars.

Social support

In many institutions, there is a contact point offering help to students with personal, social and economic problems. At the same time, it is responsible for social services such as graduate loans and maternity assistance; it deals with accident reports and provides information on student health insurance.

Language centres/laboratories

Anyone who wants to improve their proficiency in a foreign language should find out about the range of languages available at an institution. Language centres offer courses in numerous foreign languages. Depending on your level, you will be allocated to an introductory or advanced course. In addition, at every institution it is possible to improve language proficiency through independent study, supported by audio visual resources in the institution's language laboratory.

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