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Lecture timetable

Lecture timetable (VV)

A distinction is made between the general and the annotated lecture timetable. The general lecture timetable is available in bookshops, from the student registration office or at sales stands in the institution a few weeks before the beginning of each semester. It lists the lectures for all departments in the institution. The annotated timetable is only available from the office of each department or the students' council and only includes the lectures available in that particular department.
Both timetables are also published on the institution or department homepage before the start of the semester.

The general timetable contains all lectures, tutorials, seminars and colloquies for the current semester. It also lists the location and dates of the courses and the names of the lecturers. In addition, the lecture timetable contains telephone numbers, faculty addresses, re-enrolment deadlines and general examination dates along with other important information.

In contrast to the general lecture timetable, the annotated timetable contains a more detailed description of the lectures in the relevant department. It provides information about what certificates students can obtain and gives advance reading recommendations. The appendix includes a list of all lecturers in the department, their room numbers, office hours and the responsible registration offices with corresponding opening times.


Course rules

The requirements and structure of the course are contained in the course rules, which are available from the student registration office or on the homepage of the relevant department. The course rules indicate how many credit points students need to gain and whether they have to make presentations, complete assignments or sit written examinations. The course rules also list seminars and lectures that students have to attend in addition to their regular studies.

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