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Leisure facilities


At many institutions, students with a talent for music have the opportunity to sing in the choir or to play an instrument in the institution's orchestra. They meet for regular rehearsals and give concerts inside and outside the institution. Sometimes, new members will need previous experience and for some choirs new members will need to audition before being allowed to join.


At many institutions, there are student groups that write for regional newspapers. These newspapers are often distributed free of charge at the institutions. They report news from the institution, student initiatives, institution politics, the situation in the labour market and so on. Anyone who enjoys writing and perhaps wants to practice for their future career may be right for the student press.


Student sport courses are primarily intended for non-sports students and meet once or twice a week. Sporting facilities are available both during the semester and in the vacation. Institutions either have their own facilities or space in municipal sports facilities. The range of activities available includes everything from aerobics to hockey, rowing, swimming or yoga. Courses for beginners and at an advanced level are normally available. Information about the specific range of activities, fees and registration methods can be found on the institution's homepage.


At many institutions, there are theatre groups that rehearse and perform different kinds of plays. These groups are normally made up of amateur actors who can come from any faculty. Every group has its own area of interest, for example English-language or classical works or even experimental theatre.

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