Applying Studying Institutions Living

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  • CV: Enter all schools you have attended (with the years).
    Where possible, there should not be any gap periods for which you provide no information.

  • Enter the name of your school-leaving qualification iin the original language (in Latin characters) and provide the date on which the qualification was gained.
  • For all qualifications that are relevant for establishing your entitlement to enter higher education in Germany
    (secondary school leaving qualification, higher education entrance examination, periods of study), you must submit appropriate documentation.
    Our database allows you to check which documentation is needed in
    your case.

  • If you have already attended a preparatory course in Germany, enter the
    name and location of the course and state the date on which the leaving certificate was

  • Enter any periods of study, professional training, work placements or other
    supplementary training already completed.

  • Include all activities up to the date of application here (enclose corresponding documentation).
    Make sure that you state all activities up to the time of application.
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