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  • In our database you can find out whether you have to attend a preparatory course. You cannot
    choose whether you want to attend a preparatory course - your higher education entrance qualifications determine whether or not you have to attend. If you have an appropriate higher education entrance qualification, you cannot apply for a preparatory course.

  • If you want to take the assessment test (= final examination for preparatory course) without actually attending
    the preparatory course, you can normally take what is known as an "external assessment test". You can either apply for the preparatory course or for
    the external assessment test, but not for both. At some institutions, you have to
    complete an additional application for the external assessment test. This must be submitted with your main application.
  • Remember that you can only retake the assessment test once. Find out from the preparatory course as soon as possible what the requirements are for passing an assessment test.

  • Find out from the institution whether a pre-study German course is available.
    Not every institution offers these courses. Only answer the question about the German course
    with "Yes" if you are know for certain that the institution offers a pre-study
    German course

  • Do not forget to sign your application as otherwise it is invalid.
  • If the application is submitted by a person representing your interests, you must enclose a written power of authority
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