Applying Studying Institutions Living

Sample application


  • Tick the semester in which you want to start your course.
  • Enter the name of the institution to which you want to apply.

  • 1st choice course: Specify a course and the associated
    degree type. There are courses that consist of a single subject and courses
    that consist of a combination of several subjects.
    • Diplom - 1 subject
    • Single Bachelor - 1 subject
    • Combined Bachelor - Normally at least 2 subjects
    • State examination - 1 subject
    • Magister - 2 main subjects or 1 main subject and 2 secondary subjects
  • Under Study semesters enter the semester number when you want your
    course to begin. New students should enter 1. Note that some
    institutions require you to enter a number in this field.

  • 2nd choice course:: Note that not every institution
    allows you to state an alternative choice of course. At some institutions, there are
    also restrictions on the choice of possible subjects (e.g. the alternative choice
    cannot be a restricted admission subject).

  • Personal details: First enter your surname and then
    your first name (as in your passport). Enter your date of birth in
    the following format: Day/Month/Year.

  • Correspondence address: To speed up contact, a
    correspondence address in Germany is good: Do you have any friends or relations in
    Germany that you could use as a contact person? Enter "c/o" followed by the
    name of the contact person and below this their address:
    street and house number with the postal code and town on the line below.
    This will mean you can find out about any missing documentation more quickly.
  • E-mail address: If possible, always enter an e-mail address that can be
    used to contact you.

  • Home address: Note that some institutions generally require you to
    provide your home address.
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