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Sample CV

A tabular CV could look like this:

  • First enter your surname and then your first name (as in your passport).
  • Enter your date and place of birth.
  • Note: If you are still in your home country (or in another country), you can provide your address there. Always provide your e-mail address and telephone number if possible.
    A correspondence address in Germany is useful to speed up communication. Do you have any friends or relations in Germany that you could use as a contact person? Enter "c/o" followed by the name of the contact person and below this their address (as in our example): street and house number first, with the postal code and town on the line below.
  • State your periods of schooling and study from primary school onwards. You can also mention particularly good final grades (secondary school or further study) in your CV, for example: "... Passed with distinction"
  • List all language skills you have.
  • If you already have work experience (placements or apprenticeship), list this under an appropriate heading.
  • List any other skills (e.g. computer skills).
  • Avoid periods with no information provided. Make sure that the record of work and study is always complete and up to date.
  • Do not forget to date and sign your CV.
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