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  • The DAAD scholarship database contains information about DAAD scholarship programmes.
    Students from all over the world are supported in their training or continuing education or research work in all fields by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Different requirements need to be met depending on the support programme. Refer to the DAAD website for detailed information.
  • Political trusts

    Scholarships are available from many different organisations, e.g. party-related trusts.
    Most trusts provide support in the same way as the BAföG. There is also support in the form of money to purchase books and opportunities to attend special events. To qualify for scholarships based on achievement, a trust normally requires excellent academic results, as well as political or social involvement. Emphasis is placed on different things depending on the party that provides the funding. Scholarship obligations include regular reports (every semester) commenting on the progress of your studies.
  • Further information is available from the websites of the political trusts:
  • Trade union trust

    For the Hans-Böckler Trust or trusts set up by trade unions, no self-assessment is possible. The application must come from a trade union. Children of employees and those who have gone through vocational education are given preference.
  • Religious trusts

    Two church-based student bodies support students who are involved in the corresponding churches. As with the political trusts, the church bodies only provide support once you have started studying. The application must be supported by confirmations from the institution. More information can be found at:
  • Business organisations and other options

    The German Business Trust accepts applications through its trustees. Various companies and business associations provide a further support option, while some state governments and municipal authorities will offer support to students under certain circumstances. For example, there are organisations that only support particular courses or institutions. We therefore recommend enquiring directly with the institution as to whether any local opportunities are available.

    The Fulbright Commission gives scholarships to American and German academics, students and teachers in the opposite country.
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