Applying Studying Institutions Living

Starting studying

Checklist for starting studying

  1. to inform about all requirements and the deadline for the application;
  2. to apply via mail and/ or online;
  3. to wait for the university's admission letter;
  4. to sort out health insurance;
  5. to find a flat or a room in halls of residence;
  6. to pay the semester fees;
  7. to enrol in person on the specified date;
  8. to attend introductory events at the institution;
  9. to obtain a copy of the course and examination rules;
  10. to obtain the lecture timetable;
  11. to sort out your timetable;
  12. to register for the seminars;
  13. to obtain a library card;
  14. (if required) to apply for Internet access via the university;
  15. to buy specialist literature;
  16. to apply for a scholarship / to find a job;
  17. to talk to the student advice service ...


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