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Student loans

  • Student loans are normally paid in monthly instalments and must be repaid with interest. International students are normally only eligible to apply for a student loan in very specific circumstances:
    • If they have a German spouse;
    • If they are EU citizens;
    • If they can prove several years of residence in Germany before beginning their studies.
  • Private and public banks also offer student loans to finance studies. The terms of these loans, particularly those from private banks, can differ hugely and should be checked carefully.
  • The "Education loan" is a special student loan for students in the main study stage. An important difference from other loans is that the indemnity bond for an education loan is paid by the state and the education loan therefore has considerably lower interest. In addition, in those states that have introduced tuition fees, tuition fee loans can be obtained to finance these. However, these are only available to international students under very specific circumstances (normally the same conditions as those that apply to the awarding of the BAföG).
  • Graduation and bridging loans, emergency funds
    The students' union has set up its own loan fund with the aim of providing interest-free loans that allow students experiencing exceptional hardship to continue and complete their studies. All needy students can apply for these loans. There is no legal entitlement to money from the loan fund.
  • General information on this issue, although not specifically designed for international students, can be found at studis-online.
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