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If you have decided to study in Germany and found out about the institution of your choice, the first step is to make a written application. To do this, you need an application form that can be downloaded from the university's website.

If you have to apply via uni-assist, you may use the uni-assist online portal for applicants in order to create your application form.



First of all, it has to be checked whether you actually have a recognised higher education entrance qualification for Germany. The universities may either do this themselves or mandate uni-assist to do this. The university's admission office will then use various criteria (average grades, country quotas, additional qualifications etc.) to decide whether you will receive admission to the course you want to study. If the decision is positive, you will be sent an admission confirmation by post. You can then use this admission confirmation to enrol at the institution in person.


Enrolment/ Immatriculation

Immatriculation refers to registration at an institution on the list of students for a particular course. The enrolment application must be submitted to the relevant admissions office or student registration office at the relevant institution by the specified date, in almost all cases in person. In most cases, the original documents also need to be produced. To enrol, you must prove that you have health insurance.
After completing your enrolment, you will receive a preliminary confirmation of enrolment and, after a certain processing time, the certificate of enrolment and your student ID card.



After completing each semester, you must re-enrol at the institution for the new semester. You will be sent a re-enrolment notice for this purpose. This also involves payment of the semester fee (social contribution). If both of these are received by the institution before the set re-enrolment deadline you will receive your certificate for the new semester. If you do not re-enrol or pay the semester fee on time, you will be excluded by the examinations office and will not be able to return to the institution.

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