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  • Student health insurance (KVdS)
    There is a student health insurance scheme for students in Germany (KVdS). All statutory health insurance providers in Germany offer this KVdS scheme for students. Until the end of the 14th study semester, or the end of the semester in which students reach the age of 30, they have a statutory entitlement to this health insurance, after which they can continue to be insured as a voluntary member of a statutory health insurance scheme.
  • Voluntary health insurance for students in a statutory insurance scheme
    Within certain application periods, students who meet the following criteria have the right to voluntarily join the scheme:
    - Left the health insurance obligation and were insured for at least 24 months in the last five years or for at least 12 months immediately before leaving;
    - No entitlement to family support during the semester.
    The rates for students as voluntary members of the statutory health insurance scheme are normally slightly above the KVdS rates but are still good value. The services provided are the same.
  • Exemptions
    Only students who have private insurance are exempt from the statutory health insurance obligation. These students must make a corresponding application to the responsible health insurance provider within 3 months of the beginning of their health insurance obligation. Exemption from the health insurance obligation is effective from the beginning of the insurance policy, if no claims have been made under the scheme since this time; otherwise from the beginning of the calendar month in which the application is made. Attention: Exemption from the health insurance obligation cannot be reversed for the entire time spent studying in Germany. Students who are included in their parents' or spouse's statutory health insurance are also exempt from the need to have their own insurance and to pay contributions.
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