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  • What type of translation is accepted?

    Institutions have very different requirements. Here are the most common variations:
    • Your translations must come from officially sworn translators.
    • Some institutions or authorities only accept foreign translations if a German overseas agency (embassy or consulate) legalises the translation or a sworn translator in Germany confirms that the translation is true and accurate.
    • Some institutions also accept documents in English (less frequently in French).
    • Some institutions generally require translations from sworn translators in Germany.
  • The specific type of translation accepted by the uni-assist institutions can be queried in the application checklist database.
  • How do I find sworn translators in Germany?

    • Please go to to find a nationwide database of all sworn translators and interpretors in Germany
    • German embassies or consulates can often provide a list containing the addresses of sworn translators.
    • German courts may also be able to supply a list of sworn translators in their region.
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