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uni-assist online application

Take advantage of the uni-assist online application:

  • You can complete the application form conveniently on your computer - in several stages if you want - and send it to us electronically. (Do not forget to save it!)
  • You will receive an applicant number, which you can use to find out the status of your application and also to submit further applications later.
  • You can create and save any number of applications for uni-assist institutions. (Applications sent electronically cannot subsequently be changed.)
  • You can choose from the current range of courses at the institutions to prevent errors in the choice of subject.
  • You can send us scanned copies of your certificates. If you send us the regular processing fee on time, we will check the scanned documents to ascertain whether or not it generally makes sense to send authenticated copies of your certificates in paper form.

Before you apply, you should inform yourself the institution of your choice carefully about all requirements, deadlines and the responsibility for your application. For the online application, you need an e-mail address and a program that can read PDF files.


For the final processing of your application, you must always send all necessary application documents along with the printed and signed application form to uni-assist in paper form before the application closing date. The handling fees must be paid in time completely.

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