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What to study?

What subjects are available and what content do they have?

Find out directly from the institutions (on the institution homepages or from the central student advice service, offered by the institutions). Every institution provides information about its current range of courses and its particular profile. The best way to find out about course content and main themes is to contact the relevant departments.

General subject descriptions and possible places to study in Germany can be found at

The Choice of study and labour market information system (ISA) was developed at the University of Duisburg-Essen and provides information about course content and employment prospects for particular subjects in German and English.

The Council of Mechanical and Process Engineering Departments provides information about subjects in mechanical engineering, process engineering and industrial engineering: Course content, specialist areas, qualifications, places to study and a range of useful links (in German only).


Award for international master degree courses

In 2006 and 2008 respectively, ten master degree courses were awarded the 'Qualit├Ątslabel' (seal of quality) as the top ten international master degree programmes offered by German higher education institutes. The seal was conferred by the 'Stifterverband f├╝r die Deutsche Wissenschaft' (innovation agency for the German science system) and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).


What do students have to say about their time spent studying in Germany?

To read about the experiences of students who opted for study courses in the domain of Engineering, have a look at the think ING website (in German only). There you will also find further information on engineering courses.


Limited knowledge of German?

The DAAD provides an overview of international courses. Please note: Even for international courses, institutions frequently require an entrance qualification or, after a certain period of study, confirmation of German proficiency. Read the information from the institutions very carefully.

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